A World Of Its Own

Author: Matt Garcia
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 9780807898932
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Tracing the history of intercultural struggle and cooperation in the citrus belt of Greater Los Angeles, Matt Garcia explores the social and cultural forces that helped make the city the expansive and diverse metropolis that it is today. As the citrus-growing regions of the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys in eastern Los Angeles County expanded during the early twentieth century, the agricultural industry there developed along segregated lines, primarily between white landowners and Mexican and Asian laborers. Initially, these communities were sharply divided. But Los Angeles, unlike other agricultural regions, saw important opportunities for intercultural exchange develop around the arts and within multiethnic community groups. Whether fostered in such informal settings as dance halls and theaters or in such formal organizations as the Intercultural Council of Claremont or the Southern California Unity Leagues, these interethnic encounters formed the basis for political cooperation to address labor discrimination and solve problems of residential and educational segregation. Though intercultural collaborations were not always successful, Garcia argues that they constitute an important chapter not only in Southern California's social and cultural development but also in the larger history of American race relations.


Author: Josephine Croser
Publisher: Deep End
ISBN: 1741204836
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Ever wanted to visit Mars? A visit to the Galapagos Islands is not another planet, but it is pretty close. This group of islands is one of the most untouched places on earth. Galapagos: A world of its own takes to the islands to explore their weird and wonderful wildlife,plant life, and landscapes. Learn about why the islands' amazing creatures live there and what makes them special. This book also explains how the islands formed and explores ideas about how different species evolved. You will learn about wildlife protection,and preserving the environmen

Aotea Great Barrier Island

Author: Johan Bonnevie
ISBN: 0854671226
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Great Barrier Island: A world of its own. Thirty minutes away by air from Auckland. Its M'ori name "Aotea" seems to indicate a New World, a New Beginning, and that it was indeed when first discovered by early Polynesian explorers. This book describes its history since those ancient times. Today, 70 per cent of the land mass of the island is protected by the Department of Conservation.

The City Of London A World Of Its Own 1815 1890

Author: David Kynaston
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0712662006
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The acclaimed volume of three, A WORLD OF IT'S OWN tells the story of the city's nineteenth century ascent to its position as the world's leading international financial centre. We see the rise of the merchant banks, the growth of the Stock Exchange, the internationalism of the money market, and the characters behind these developments, like the mercurial Nathan Rothschild or the dour Joshua Bates, who consolidated the power of Barings. High history is interwoven with drama: the burning of the Royal Exchange on a snowy night in 1838, the hectic making of fortunes from South American guano; the Baring crisis of 1890, when the city's most respected house was rescued by its keenest rival. Drawing on an unparalleled range of original source material, A WORLD OF ITS OWN brings the City of London for the first time into the mainstream of British and international history.