The Keep Of Ages

Author: Caragh M. O'Brien
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
ISBN: 9781596439436
Size: 18.39 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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In the fast-paced, high-stakes conclusion to Caragh M. O'Brien's Vault of Dreamers trilogy, Rosie travels to a derelict theme park to shut down dream mining once and for all. Driven by fear when Dean Berg kidnaps her family, Rosie Sinclair strikes out across the country to rescue them. When an elusive trail leads her to Grisly Valley, the contaminated ruin of a horror theme park, Rosie has to consider that Berg may once again be manipulating her every move to make her fearful, priming her for a final, lethal dream mining procedure. As Rosie struggles to outmaneuver Berg, she unearths the ultimate vault of dreamers and the hint of a consciousness more powerful and dangerous than any she's imagined before. Faced with unspeakable suffering and otherworldly beauty, Rosie must discover how to trust her mind, her friends, and reality itself. Propulsive and deeply speculative, The Keep of Ages concludes the Vault of Dreamers trilogy with stirring possibilities for what it means to be alive.

Perfume River

Author: Robert Olen Butler
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 9780802190109
Size: 17.54 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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From one of America’s most important writers, Perfume River is an exquisite novel that examines family ties and the legacy of the Vietnam War through the portrait of a single North Florida family. Robert Quinlan is a seventy-year-old historian, teaching at Florida State University, where his wife Darla is also tenured. Their marriage, forged in the fervor of anti-Vietnam-war protests, now bears the fractures of time, both personal and historical, with the couple trapped in an existence of morning coffee and solitary jogging and separate offices. For Robert and Darla, the cracks remain under the surface, whereas the divisions in Robert’s own family are more apparent: he has almost no relationship with his brother Jimmy, who became estranged from the family as the Vietnam War intensified. Robert and Jimmy’s father, a veteran of WWII, is coming to the end of his life, and aftershocks of war ripple across their lives once again, when Jimmy refuses to appear at his father's bedside. And an unstable homeless man whom Robert at first takes to be a fellow Vietnam veteran turns out to have a deep impact not just on Robert, but on his entire family.

Mr And Mrs Disraeli

Author: Daisy Hay
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9781473511071
Size: 17.63 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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He was a debt-ridden dandy, a mid-ranking novelist armed with enormous political ambition. She was a moneyed widow twelve years older than her new husband, always overdressed for society dinners and never one to hold her tongue. From the outset, Mary Anne and Benjamin Disraeli made an unlikely match, yet they rose to the very pinnacle of Victorian society. Drawing on the couple's love letters and Mary Anne's own formidable archives, Daisy Hay reveals the heady mix of romance and power that fuelled their influence - and chronicles how the Disraelis crafted their unconventional marriage into an enduring love story.

Mapping The Second World War

Author: Peter Chasseaud
Publisher: Chartwell Books
ISBN: 0785834354
Size: 17.52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Experience the Second World War as you travel through time and follow the conflict of the war from 1939 to 1945 with this unique and invaluable volume! From the earliest onslaught of troops in the Invasion of Poland to the D-Day and the Liberation of France. Features historical maps and photographs from their archives, and fascinating commentary from an expert historian. The events of the battles are detailed and illustrated, artfully telling a story of what occurred through maps with handwritten notes from the front lines. Complete with detailed courses of action for air strikes and naval battles along with annotated maps that illustrated the planned supply routes and attacks for soldiers is pictures of ruins, troops, world leaders, newspaper clippings, and more! Types of maps featured: Maps cover key battles and offensives on major fronts Planning and operations maps showing defenses in detail Maps showing dispositions of Allied and enemy forces Bomber and V-weapon target maps Key topics include: 1939: Invasion of Poland 1940: German invasion of the Low Countries & France 1940: Battle of Britain & German invasion threat 1941: Pearl Harbor 1941-1945: Barbarossa and the Eastern Front 1942: Turning Points: midway, Alamein, Stalingrad The War at Sea The War in the Air 1944: Neptune & Overlord; D-Day & liberation of France

Mindful Parenting For Adhd

Author: Mark Bertin
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
ISBN: 9781626251816
Size: 16.14 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Written by a pediatrician and based in proven-effective mindfulness techniques, this book will help you and your child with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) keep calm, flexible, and in control. If you are a parent of a child with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you probably face many unique daily challenges. Kids with ADHD are often inattentive, hyperactive, and impulsive, since ADHD affects all of self-management and self-regulation. As a result, you might become chronically frustrated or stressed out, which makes caring for ADHD that much harder. In this book, a developmental pediatrician presents a proven-effective program for helping both you and your child with ADHD stay cool and collected while remaining flexible, resilient, and mindful. Bertin addresses the various symptoms of ADHD using non-technical language and a user-friendly format. In addition, he offers guidelines to help you assess your child's strengths and weaknesses, create plans for building skills and managing specific challenges, lower stress levels for both yourself and your child, communicate effectively, and cultivate balance and harmony at home and at school. If you are a parent, caregiver, or mental health professional, this book provides a valuable guide.

The Lost Love Letters Of Heloise And Abelard

Author: Constant J. Mews
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0312239416
Size: 10.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Constant Mews examines a collection of Latin love letters preserved in a fifteenth-century manuscript of Clairvaux, edited by Ewald Konsgen in 1974 under the title The Letters of Two Lovers. He argues that it records 113 love letters exchanged by Heloise and Abelard at the time of their love affair. Mews provides an indepth analysis of the debate concerning the authenticity of the letters and looks at the way in which the relationship between Heloise and Abelard has been perceived over the centuries. He explores the political, literary, and religious contexts in which the two figures conducted their affair, and offers new insights into Heloise as an astonishingly gifted writer whose literary gifts were only revealed in the course of her relationship with her teacher. The complete Latin text of the love letters as edited by Konsgen is reproduced in the volume, along with an annotated translation by Neville Chiavaroli and Constant J. Mews.

The Temptress

Author: Paul Spicer
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9781429984720
Size: 12.77 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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In the spirit of Frances Osborne's The Bolter, this fascinating life of femme fatale and gorgeous Chicago heiress, Alice de Janzé, offers a solution to the decadesold murder of Lord Erroll—the story at the center of James Fox's acclaimed book and movie White Mischief A glamorous American multi-millionairess, Alice de Janzé scandalized 1920's Paris when she left her aristocratic French husband for an English lover—whom she later tried to kill in a failed murder-suicide in the Gare du Nord. Abandoning Paris for the moneyed British colonial society known as Kenya's Happy Valley, she became the lover of the handsome womanizer, Joss Hay, Lord Erroll. In 1941, Erroll was shot in his car on an isolated road. A cuckolded husband was brought to trial and acquitted, and the crime remained tantalizingly unsolved. Paul Spicer, whose mother was a confidante of Alice's, used personal letters and his own extensive research to piece together what really happened that fateful evening. He brings to life an era of unimaginable wealth and indulgence, where people changed bed partners as easily as they would order a cocktail, and where jealousy and hidden passions brewed. At the heart of The Temptress is Alice, whose seductive charms no man could resist, and whose unfulfilled quest for love ended in her own suicide at age forty-two. Please note: this eBook edition does not include photos that originally appeared in the printed book