Author: David Ignatius
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9780857389244
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INVISIBLE: they are the American government's most powerful asset, their very existence only known to a handful of individuals. INGENIOUS: an elite unit of deep-cover agents, turning the tide in the war on terror. That is, until they start being exposed, one by one. INFILTRATED: and now a hunt to find the leak, before they all go under.

Blood Money

Author: Richard Nowell
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 9781441143167
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Scholars have consistently applied psychoanalytic models to representations of gender in early teen slasher films such as Black Christmas (1974), Halloween (1978) and Friday the 13th (1980) in order to claim that these were formulaic, excessively violent exploitation films, fashioned to satisfy the misogynist fantasies of teenage boys and grind house patrons. However, by examining the commercial logic, strategies and objectives of the American and Canadian independents that produced the films and the companies that distributed them in the US, Blood Money demonstrates that filmmakers and marketers actually went to extraordinary lengths to make early teen slashers attractive to female youth, to minimize displays of violence, gore and suffering and to invite comparisons to a wide range of post-classical Hollywood's biggest hits; including Love Story (1970), The Exorcist (1973), Saturday Night Fever (1977), Grease and Animal House (both 1978). Blood Money is a remarkable piece of scholarship that highlights the many forces that helped establish the teen slasher as a key component of the North American film industry's repertoire of youth-market product.

Blood Money

Author: Clive Small
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 9781742693132
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Organised crime in Australia is more reckless and more violent than ever before. Controlled by a new wave of gangland bosses, it has broken old taboos and formed alliances that would have once been unthinkable. So who now holds the power? There are the Middle Eastern gangs whose core business is drugs, the sale and stockpiling of dangerous weapons, extortion and large-scale fraud; the outlaw motorcycle gangs with their fortified club houses and amphetamine labs; and the Calabrian Mafia, always dangerous and opportunistic. Even more frightening, through the influence of radical Islam, organised crime and terrorism have begun to merge. Our jails are turning drug dealers and car thieves into holy warriors willing to kill indiscriminately for their cause. With the same meticulous research that made Smack Express required reading for anyone interested in organised crime, Clive Small and Tom Gilling take us deep into this new, dark and violent Australian underworld. '[A] horrifying account of crime and violence in Sydney.' Sydney Morning Herald

Blood And Money

Author: Thomas Thompson
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 9781504043267
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Edgar Award Winner: The “gripping” true story of a beautiful Texas socialite, her ambitious husband, and a string of mysterious deaths (Los Angeles Times). Joan Robinson Hill was a world-class equestrian, a glamorous member of Houston high society, and the wife of Dr. John Hill, a handsome and successful plastic surgeon. Her father, Ash Robinson, was a charismatic oil tycoon obsessed with making his daughter’s every dream come true. Rich, attractive, and reckless, Joan was one of the most celebrated women in a town infatuated with money, power, and fame. Then one morning in 1969, she fell mysteriously ill. The sordid events that followed comprise “what may be the most compelling and complex case in crime annals” (Ann Rule, bestselling author of The Stranger Beside Me). From the elegant mansions of River Oaks, one of America’s most exclusive neighborhoods, to a seedy underworld of prostitution and murder-for-hire, New York Times–bestselling author Thomas Thompson tracks down every bizarre motive and enigmatic clue to weave a fascinating tale of lust and vengeance. Full of colorful characters, shocking twists, and deadly secrets, Blood and Money is “an absolute spellbinder” and true crime masterpiece (Newsweek).

Blood Money

Author: Heather Brothers
ISBN: UVA:X004146670
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Full Length, Thriller Characters: 1 male, 4 female Scenery: Interior Mike and Liz have a rocky marriage. She is an alcoholic and he is a philanderer who is having a fling with a young neighbor and a serious affair with his wife's doctor. Mike and Liz have a secret: years ago they left a girl dying at a hit and run accident. Mike fakes dying, hoping the shock will kill Liz, but she rushes to the clinic where the doctor finishes her off. But then Liz bursts through the door and murders her "dead" husband and the doctor kills her again, taking revenge for the death of her daughter. "Nothing absolutely nothing is what it seems in this smart, riveting ... yarn full of gut wrenching plot twists and hairpin turns, ... surprising special effects and tart wit." News Journal, Wilmington. "Serves to remind you that in the right hands, live theater can provide a thrill a minute." WDEL Radio, Wilmington. "Full of thrills and spills.... One of the best plays I've seen." Derby Trader.

Blood Money

Author: Arome E. Tokula
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 9781512756821
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Many Christians are living in lack and not enough because they haven’t been properly taught the power of the sacrifice of Jesus as it concerns their wealthy inheritance in Christ Jesus. BLOOD MONEY; Understanding Covenant Wealth is a revelation and divine understanding of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, the power that is available to us today and how every believer can take advantage of that sacrifice in establishing God’s covenant of wealth here on earth. Pastor Arome E. Tokula teaches that there are three primary areas of the believer’s redemption; redemption from sin, redemption from sickness and redemption from poverty. Many have enjoyed salvation and experienced deliverance from sin, addictions, sicknesses and pains but are yet to even know that the same sacrifice has provided them freedom from financial bondage. He raises a clarion call for believers to know how much MONEY and WEALTH are an intrinsic part of the finished works of Christ Jesus and how a consciousness of our BLOOD COVENANT with God through Jesus and the blessing upon the believer whose heart is circumcised can help them live in abundance even in this world’s system. He literally sets you on an inciting journey through the pages of this book to learn in simple terms profound truths. Some of the chapters include: The Glory and The Blood Three Kinds of Money The Ultimate Sacrifice for Wealth The Blessing The Passover and The Takeover Money in the Redemption

Blood Money

Author: James McNaught
ISBN: 9781847998736
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Estelle Abernathy goes to work in Azzizzistan as a nurse so that she can earn enough money to buy a house with her husband and have a family. When she gets there she finds that she is the victim of a vicious killer. Will the killer succeed in harming Estelle? Will she be saved by the payment of Blood Money?