Fortunes Of Feminism From State Managed Capitalism To Neoliberal Crisis

Author: Nancy Fraser
Publisher: Verso Books
ISBN: 9781844679843
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Nancy Fraser's powerful new book documents the “movements of feminism” and the shifts in the feminist imaginary since the 1970s. Fraser follows the history of feminism from the ferment of the New Left, during which “Second Wave” feminism emerged as a struggle for women's liberation alongside other social movements, to its emersion in identity politics following the decline of its initial utopian energies. Alongside this detailed history, Fraser recognizes the need for a reinvigorated feminist radicalism to respond to the crisis in neoliberalism. She argues for a feminism that could join other egalitarian movements in struggles aimed at subjecting capitalism to democratic control, while retrieving the core utopian insights of feminism's earlier phases.

Fortunes Of Feminism

Author: Nancy Fraser
Publisher: Verso Books
ISBN: 9781781682548
Size: 17.98 MB
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Nancy Fraser’s major new book traces the feminist movement’s evolution since the 1970s and anticipates a new—radical and egalitarian—phase of feminist thought and action. During the ferment of the New Left, “Second Wave” feminism emerged as a struggle for women’s liberation and took its place alongside other radical movements that were questioning core features of capitalist society. But feminism’s subsequent immersion in identity politics coincided with a decline in its utopian energies and the rise of neoliberalism. Now, foreseeing a revival in the movement, Fraser argues for a reinvigorated feminist radicalism able to address the global economic crisis. Feminism can be a force working in concert with other egalitarian movements in the struggle to bring the economy under democratic control, while building on the visionary potential of the earlier waves of women’s liberation. This powerful new account is set to become a landmark of feminist thought. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Fortunes Of Feminism

Author: Nancy Fraser
Publisher: Verso
ISBN: 1844679853
Size: 13.82 MB
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Traces the evolution of the feminist movement since the 1970s, and advocates for a rejuvenated radicalism to respond to contemporary neoliberal issues and the global economic crisis.

Transnationalizing The Public Sphere

Author: Nancy Fraser
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780745656601
Size: 18.35 MB
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Is Habermas’s concept of the public sphere still relevant in an age of globalization, when the transnational flows of people and information have become increasingly intensive and when the nation-state can no longer be taken granted as the natural frame for social and political debate? This is the question posed with characteristic acuity by Nancy Fraser in her influential article ‘Transnationalizing the Public Sphere?’ Challenging careless uses of the term ‘global public sphere’, Fraser raises the debate about the nature and role of the public sphere in a global age to a new level. While drawing on the richness of Habermas’s conception and remaining faithful to the spirit of critical theory, Fraser thoroughly reconstructs the concepts of inclusion, legitimacy and efficacy for our globalizing times. This book includes Fraser’s original article as well as specially commissioned contributions that raise searching questions about the theoretical assumptions and empirical grounds of Fraser’s argument. They are concerned with the fundamental premises of Habermas’s development of the concept of the public sphere as a normative ideal in complex societies; the significance of the fact that the public sphere emerged in modern states that were also imperial; whether ‘scaling up’ to a global public sphere means giving up on local and national publics; the role of ‘counterpublics’ in developing alternative globalization; and what inclusion might possibly mean for a global public. Fraser responds to these questions in detail in an extended reply to her critics. An invaluable resource for students and scholars concerned with the role of the public sphere beyond the nation-state, this book will also be welcomed by anyone interested in globalization and democracy today.

Karl Polanyi In Dialogue

Author: Michael Brie
ISBN: 155164603X
Size: 19.66 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Michael Brie powerfully reinterprets Karl Polanyi's thought for present times, developing concrete proposals for a Polanyian political response to neoliberalism, an ascendant authoritarian right and the ongoing threat of global ecological disaster. Features essays by Nancy Fraser, Karl Polanyi and Kari-Polanyi Levitt.

Justice Interruptus

Author: Nancy Fraser
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317828075
Size: 12.59 MB
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Refuting the argument to choose between "the politics of recognition" and the "politics of redistribution," Justice Interruptus integrates the best aspects of both. ********************************************************* ** What does it mean to think critically about politics at a time when inequality is increasing worldwide, when struggles for the recognition of difference are eclipsing struggles for social equality, and when we lack any credible vision of an alternative to the present order? Philosopher Nancy Fraser claims that the key is to overcome the false oppositions of "postsocialist" commonsense. Refuting the view that we must choose between "the politics of recognition" and the "politics of redistribution," Fraser argues for an integrative approach that encompasses the best aspects of both.