Der Rhythmus Der Filme Once Upon A Time In America Und Cotton Club In Bezug Auf Das Verh Ltnis Von Ton Und Montage

Author: Marcus Robbin
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 1999 im Fachbereich Filmwissenschaft, Note: keine, Freie Universität Berlin (Filmwissenschaft), Veranstaltung: Proseminar: Einführung in die Filmanalyse, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Der allgemeine Vergleich dieser beiden Spielfilme bietet sich aufgrund des Genres, des Jahres der Veröffentlichung und nicht zuletzt des Zeitraumes ihrer thematischen Bezugnahme geradezu an. Der Film „Once Upon a Time in America“ des Regisseurs Sergio Leone und „Cotton Club“ von Francis Ford Coppola schildern das Gangstermilieu des New York der dreißiger Jahre und sind beide im Jahre 1984 erschienen. Zum Vergleich des filmischen Rhythmus möchte ich die „Steppers Scene“(1) aus dem „Cotton Club“ mit der Szene der Diamantenübergabe (2) aus „Once Upon a Time in America“ vergleichen. In beiden Fällen handelt es sich um einen „Showdown“ im Film, in dem mit vielfältigen Mitteln der indirekten Spannungserzeugung durch Ton und Montage auf den/die Höhepunkt(e) der Szene hingearbeitet wird. Inhaltlich fast identisch, handelt es sich um die brutale Ermordung mehrerer Gangster durch ihre Konkurrenten, von denen sie überraschend und kaltblütig mit mehreren Salven aus Maschinenpistolen getötet werden. Aus dem Vergleich der formellen Umsetzung jedoch, lassen sich bedeutende Unterscheidungsmerkmale ableiten, die exemplarisch für den allgemeinen Charakter der Werke stehen. [...]

Once Upon A Time

Author: Eric Sloane
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486444116
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This nostalgic text brims with gentle philosophies and descriptions of how we used to live — self-sufficiently — on land, in homes, and among things built by hand. The author's charming illustrations celebrate our heritage and the spirit that nurtured it, but also recall the vanished joys of America's pioneer past. 44 line illustrations.

Once Upon A Time In America

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'Thompson' K. George, author of ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA, shares with the world an intriguing and yet very heart-wrenching eye-witness account of events that was and still being inflicted on mankind by public figures in the 21st century in America....some of which remains best kept secrets to most American public and the rest of the world at large...chronicling the destructive policies that trails the dark past of the Bush-Cheney's era. An uncut revelation of the true state of things in America today with immigrants and citizens alike and the lowdown dirty innerworkings of the conservative right-wing ideologues in Washington. 'Once Upon A Time In America' tells it all. It portrays everyone's story and a message for all. A pure and timeless masterpiece of history of the 21st century. The author lives in Philadelphia and currently working on an upcoming documentary based on this masterpiece.

Once Upon A Time In America

Author: Adrian Martin
Publisher: British Film Inst
ISBN: UOM:39015047113975
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Sergio Leone, maestro of the spaghetti Western, spent sixteen years developing what was to be his final work--the gangster epic Once Upon a Time in America (1983). This "testament film" has a special place in Leone's oeuvre because it marries the directors typically flamboyant, expressionistic style to a story full of profound melancholy and regret. Tracing the lives of a gang of Jewish hoods from their childhood in the New York streets of the 1920s, through Prohibition and union racketeering, to the 1960s, Once Upon a Time in America centers on the relationship between Noodles (Robert De Niro) and Max (James Woods)--an intense friendship destroyed by time, the shifting tides of political history, and mutual betrayal. As well as detailing the film's genesis, its production history, and its different versions, this study considers Once Upon a Time in America in the context of Leone's evolution as a grand cinema stylist. It illuminates his themes, his method, and his aesthetic, and judges his enormous impact upon subsequent generations of filmmakers the world over.

The Art Of Sergio Leone S Once Upon A Time In The West

Author: John Fawell
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 9780786420926
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Few directors are characterized by both extraordinary film craft and the ironic reputation for lowbrow films. Despite his many achievements as a child of the Italian Cinecitta studios, however, Sergio Leone has been judged severely by writers who find his films lacking in ideas and moralists who find his films unduly cynical. Nevertheless, Leone's greatest cinematic achievement, Once Upon a Time in the West, served to refute these criticisms while exposing the director's unique romanticism and artistic ambition. As Leone's fourth successful American western film, Once Upon a Time in the West earned him acclaim for liberating the western genre, restoring it to a place of antique American simplicity. The principal goal of this book is to sharpen an appreciation for Sergio Leone and his most famous American western. The first two chapters deal with the relationship between Once Upon a Time in the West and the western films that preceded it, particularly those of John Ford. Subsequent chapters concentrate on the central characters of Once Upon a Time in the West, with special attention to Jill, Leone's first female protagonist and a surprisingly successful character, central to the plot and accorded a kind of existential strength usually reserved for men in Westerns. The sixth, seventh and eighth chapters address Leone's visual style, which represents a unique fusion of Hollywood classicism and modernism, and reveals the influences of Italian Surrealism and the French New Wave. The final chapters explore the rhythm, romanticism, and musical character of Once Upon a Time in the West, espousing the theory that Leone's approach to film is, above all, musical.

The Films Of Sergio Leone

Author: Robert C. Cumbow
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780810860414
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The Films of Sergio Leone examines the work of this Italian filmmaker who made his mark re-envisioning the American Western. The book examines each of Leone's major films as director, as well as My Name Is Nobody, which Leone co-wrote and guided as producer. The book also includes an exhaustive bibliography, discography, and filmography, completely updated for this new edition.