Author: Charlie Beckett
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781444356182
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SuperMedia is a lively, engaging, and refreshingly-opinionated text offering informed discussion on the importance and future of liberal journalism as a healthy part of a flourishing society. Examines the profound changes journalism is undergoing for social, economic and technological reasons Explores the potential for a entirely new type of journalism which these changes create, discussing the impact of social networking sites and blogs on traditional journalism, and making the case that journalism could be the catalyst for change needed to solve many of the world’s problems in a controversial manner Written by a first class broadcast journalist, it provides a practical roadmap for identifying the issues and solutions that will ensure an open and reliable news media for generations to come

Super Media

Author: Michael R. Real
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
ISBN: 0803933134
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Selected as One of Media & Values' Best Books Using varying approaches, researchers have tried to capture the actual dynamics and role of media in culture and society, but do we really understand this relationship? Super Media introduces and illustrates the newly emerging cultural studies approach to understanding the media in society. Drawing from both humanities and the social sciences, cultural studies centers its analysis in text, meaning, representation, interpretation, conflict, ideology, hegemony, and culture. In his analysis, Michael Real first provides a critical review of previous traditions of media research and theory--illustrated with tables and comparative charts--and then reintegrates media study around cultural studies. He then presents extensive case studies that illustrate the concepts and theories of the cultural studies approach. Included are the most widely available expressions of culture in history: the Olympics, superpower politics, Oscar-winning films, prime time television, and other transnational cases. Original in perspective, Super Media examines top research in media communication and provides a synthesis between research and the media experiences that affect people's everyday lives. The result is a provocative volume that will provide useful insights to professionals and advanced students in all areas of communication and popular culture. "In many overviews of the field, the canon provides the student and mere tourist alike a standard guide to familiar sights assumed to embody enduring lessons about our mass-mediated world. Contemporary media studies, however, comprise a sprawling network of alternative routes that offer access to more intriguing, dynamic sites of cultural production. In Super Media, Michael Real charts some of these alternative perspectives, broadly related as critical culture studies, in terms that can be understood by the initiate. Further, he attempts to synthesize `the best' of behavioral and critical media research toward a new reference guide." --Communication Quarterly "Super Media is the smartest and most accessible volume available that introduces the fundamental theoretical and methodological positions and practices in cultural studies. It challenges the reader to think through the very issues that cultural studies research and theorizing promotes. Real's touch as an author has produced a very readable text. Super Media helps signal the relevance of cultural studies for communication studies in America." --Journal of International and Intercultural Relations "The book aims to simplify several aspects of critical theory into easily accessible concepts which can be applied to cultural phenomena by the general media consumer. The book succeeds in its goal of raising the reader's awareness of the ways the media pervade our daily existence." --Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media "This is a serious attempt to make cultural studies' insights accessible to U.S. students. Many teachers should find it helpful and stimulating. It will challenge students and teachers to grasp the tools of cultural studies and apply them to super media." --Journal of Communication "Has much to recommend it. . . . Super Media is the most comprehensive of all popular culture volumes with textbook potential. It generously embraces both the American and European cultural studies traditions. . . . Besides comprehensive range, Super Media has textbook potential because it also provides and illustrates methodological approaches. . . . In many ways, and perhaps most importantly though, the book makes a tacit statement about the nature of a cultural studies approach. . . . It integrates explication of theory, methodology, and topic discussion throughout. . . . The thoughtful organization of this book thus says much about the organization of meaning, society, culture and, of course, cultural study itself." --Popular Communication Newsletter and Review "Real provides a clear and compelling introduction to the cultural studies approach and provides a series of innovative and insightful studies that illustrate the cogency of this approach. . . . A valuable source of critical analyses and methods. His presentations are equally lucid and illuminating and this book should find a large audience among students studying media criticism and those who want to develop tools and strategies for analyzing and criticizing our media culture." --Journalism Quarterly "Michael R. Real's Super Media is an important book at an important time... Many who know of Real's work realize that he has been perhaps the key player in the emergence of the cultural studies tradition in American media research. . . .perceptive and engaging. . . .a telling analysis. . . .Michael Real's Super Media offers complex and important understandings of the working of media on us. His arguments are convincing. . . .McLuhan placed us in a new media world. Michael Real has taken us a step farther. He has provided us with some tools to understand super media and to dissect what parts of its mirror are distinctly clouded and harm our view of what we want to become..." --Lawrence Wenner, Television Quarterly "Selected among the "16 best books on television, mass media and communications." --Media and Values magazine "Real's Super Media has much to recommend it as the new text anchor, especially for those wanting to deal in their courses with the central, theoretical contribution offered by popular communication and culture scholars: how the construing and maintenance of meaningful reality occur in everyday experience in a culture (rather than as a result of a simple message or media system). Super Media is the most comprehensive of all popular culture volumes with textbook potential. It generously embraces both the American and European cultural studies traditions, ranging from American studies of icons, genres, myths, and ritual to European concerns with discourse systems and ideology. Diverse schools and concepts are tellingly introduced by Real, and then interwoven to advance the field's common inquiry: into the organization and reorganization of meaning. . . . Besides comprehensive range, Super Media has textbook potential because it also provides and illustrates methodological approaches: empirical, structuralist, critical, and ritual analysis. . . .In many ways, and perhaps most importantly though, the book makes a tacit statement about the nature of a cultural studies approach. . . .it integrates explication of theory, methodology, and topic discussion throughout. . . .the thoughtful organization of this book thus says much about the organization of meaning, society, culture, and, of course, cultural study itself." --Dennis Corrigan, Popcom Newsletter

Management Of Multimedia On The Internet

Author: Ehab S. Al-Shaer
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783540455080
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In recent years we have witnessed the explosion of multimedia traffic on the Internet. The availability of high bandwidth connections together with the recent advances in high quality video and audio compression techniques have created a fertile ground for the growth of multimedia applications such as interactive video on demand, collaborative distance learning, and remote medical diagnosis. Furthermore, the availability of low bit rate video and audio applications (e.g., H.263 and G.728) and the proliferation of pervasive devices create a new demand for wireless multimedia communication systems. After a decade or more of research and development in multimedia networking, the research community has learned a number of lessons. First, increasing the capacity of the “best effort” networks and services does not provide an effective and permanent solution for offering a guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS). Second, the integration of service and network management is a key element in providing end to end service management. Third, management techniques for Internet multimedia services must be scalable and adaptive to guarantee QoS and maintain fairness with optimal network resource.

Dead Companies Walking

Author: Scott Fearon
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9781466879201
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Unlike most investors, who live in fear of failure, Scott Fearon actively seeks it out. He has earned millions of dollars for his hedge fund over the last thirty years shorting the stocks of businesses he believed were on their way to bankruptcy. In Dead Companies Walking, Fearon describes his methods for spotting these doomed businesses, and how they can be extremely profitable investments. In his experience, corporate managers routinely commit six common mistakes that can derail even the most promising companies: they learn from only the recent past; they rely too heavily on a formula for success; they misunderstand their target customers; they fall victim to the magical storytelling of a mania; they fail to adapt to tectonic shifts in their industry; and they are physically or emotionally removed from their companies' operations. Fearon has interviewed thousands of executives across America, many of whom, unknowingly, were headed toward bankruptcy – from the Texas oil barons of the 80s to the tech wunderkinds of the late 90s to the flush real estate developers of the mid-2000s. Here, he explores recent examples like JC Penney, Herbalife and Blockbuster Entertainment to help investors better predict the next booms and busts—and come out on top.

New Advances In The Internet Of Things

Author: Ronald R. Yager
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783319581903
Size: 15.34 MB
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This book presents a selection of highly relevant works concerning the Internet of Things, including: IoT Architectures, Standardization, Smart Cities, Smart Health, the communication of Smart Things, and outstanding IoT use cases. Some of these works present important future lines for the evolution of IoT systems. Thanks to its unique structure, the book allows authors to describe their works at an unprecedented level of detail. The special chapters contain extended versions of prominent and/or high-impact IoT projects that have laid the foundations of many subsequent IoT systems due to their level of innovation, and reflect highly relevant and innovative trends in the development of a new generation of IoT Systems.