The Complete Valley Of The Kings

Author: Carl Nicholas Reeves
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
ISBN: 0500050805
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Here is the definitive account of the Valley of the Kings, visited by millions of tourists and famous throughout the world as the burial place of the great New Kingdom pharaohs. Some eighty tombs were dug in the valley at the height of Egyptian power more than 3,000 years ago, their chambers stocked with incredible treasures and decorated with magnificent wall paintings. It was here, in 1922, that Howard Carter stumbled upon the virtually intact tomb of the boy-king, Tutankhamun. Recently the valley has made international headlines with the discovery of the burial chapels of Ramesses the Great's many sons; The Complete Valley of the Kings is the first book to publish an account of these remarkable findings. Reeves and Wilkinson, both acknowledged authorities on the valley, bring together the art, archaeology and history in one exciting account.

The Complete Valley Of The Kings

Author: Nicholas Reeves
ISBN: 0500284032
Size: 17.66 MB
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Here is a paperback edition of the definitive account of the Valley of the Kings, visited by millions and famous throughout the world as the burial place of the great New Kingdom pharaohs. Reeves and Wilkinson, both world authorities on the valley, bring together the art, archaeology and history in an exciting narrative to create both an essential sourcebook and an entertaining guide for tourists, scholars, students and all armchair travellers.

The Oxford Handbook Of The Valley Of The Kings

Author: Kent Weeks
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199931637
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The royal necropolis of New Kingdom Egypt, known as the Valley of the Kings (KV), is one of the most important--and celebrated--archaeological sites in the world. Located on the west bank of the Nile river, about three miles west of modern Luxor, the valley is home to more than sixty tombs, all dating to the second millennium BCE. The most famous of these is the tomb of Tutankhamun, first discovered by Howard Carter in 1922. Other famous pharaoh's interred here include Hatshepsut, the only queen found in the valley, and Ramesses II, ancient Egypt's greatest ruler. Much has transpired in the study and exploration of the Valley of the Kings over the last few years. Several major discoveries have been made, notably the many-chambered KV5 (tomb of the sons of Ramesses II) and KV 63, a previously unknown tomb found in the heart of the valley. Many areas of the royal valley have been explored for the first time using new technologies, revealing ancient huts, shrines, and stelae. New studies of the DNA, filiation, cranio-facial reconstructions, and other aspects of the royal mummies have produced important and sometimes controversial results. The Oxford Handbook of the Valley of the Kings provides an up-to-date and thorough reference designed to fill a very real gap in the literature of Egyptology. It will be an invaluable resource for scholars, teachers, and researchers with an interest in this key area of Egyptian archaeology. First, introductory chapters locate the Valley of the Kings in space and time. Subsequent chapters offer focused examinations of individual tombs: their construction, content, development, and significance. Finally, the book discusses the current status of ongoing issues of preservation and archaeology, such as conservation, tourism, and site management. In addition to recent work mentioned above, aerial imaging, remote sensing, studies of the tombs' architectural and decorative symbolism, problems of conservation site management, and studies of KV-related temples are just some of the aspects not covered in any other work on the Valley of the Kings. This volume promises to become the primary scholarly reference work on this important World Heritage Site.

Valley Of The Kings

Author: Terrance Coffey
ISBN: 0692756582
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In the year 1355 BCE, the land of Egypt was the superpower of the known world. King Tut's father, Akenaten, the so-called 'heretic pharaoh,' is on the verge of catapulting Egypt into a revolution that will forever divide its people and rip the most powerful empire on the earth from its foundation. Will Akenaten's staunch religious conviction protect his people and his family, or will the threat of betrayals, curses, murderous jealousies, plagues, famine, and foreign enemies be their undoing?

The Treasures Of Luxor And The Valley Of The Kings

Author: Kent R. Weeks
Publisher: White Star Publishers
ISBN: 8854400335
Size: 19.63 MB
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Here is a thorough, easy-to-use guide to the vast and stunning collection of art and antiquities found in Egypt's archaeological paradise, the Valley of the Kings. The Tomb of Tutankhamun and its contents are featured prominently, as are the temples of Luxor and Karnak, the dromos, the Luxor Museum, the Chapel of Achoris, the Valley of Asasif, the Ramesseum, the Valley of the Queens, and the Colossi of Memnon. Dendera, Esna, Abydos Edfu, and Korn Ombo-all peripheral locations to the major sites-are included because their state of preservation makes them especially interesting for visitors and scholars. Weeks has spent his career documenting the regions and infuses this guide with a level of clarity and detail not previously achieved in a handbook.

The Complete Pyramids

Author: Mark Lehner
ISBN: 0500285470
Size: 15.85 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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There is a vast range of books on Egypt on the market at present, and it is often hard to make a choice between them; most have a decent text, and one can hardly avoid beautiful illustrations on such a subject. However if you are particularly interested in the pyramids, this may be the book for you. It claims comprehensiveness in being the first fully illustrated survey of all Egypt's pyramids, the text is well-written and based on up-to-date research, and the author is an expert in this field. There is information on many aspects of the pyramids; the legends surrounding them, the activities of archaeologists, the towns which grew around them, the priests and servants who had responsibility for them, and most of all the construction and craftsmanship of the structures themselves. The text is accompanied by many useful explanatory and reconstructive illustrations.

Tutankhamum S Tomb

Author: Carl Nicholas Reeves
Publisher: Constable
ISBN: 1841197386
Size: 10.87 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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An up-to-date history of the excavation of Tutankhamun's tomb - includes new evidence on the Paraoh's Curse and previously unpublished material from original documents.