Elements Of Style

Author: William Strunk
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781625585004
Size: 11.69 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Elements of Style (1918), by William Strunk, Jr., and E.B. White, is an American English writing style guide. It is the best-known, most influential prescriptive treatment of English grammar and usage, and often is required reading and usage in U.S. high school and university composition classes. This edition of The Elements of Style details eight elementary rules of usage, ten elementary principles of composition, "a few matters of form," and a list of commonly misused words and expressions.

The Elements Of Style

Author: William Strunk
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0143112724
Size: 12.83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Offers advice on improving writing skills and promoting a style marked by simplicity, orderliness, and sincerity.

The Elements Of Style

Author: William Strunk
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486113708
Size: 18.10 MB
Format: PDF
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This is the book that generations of writers have relied upon for timeless advice on grammar, diction, syntax, and other essentials. In concise terms, it identifies the principal requirements of proper style and common errors.

Elements Of Style

Author: Erin Gates
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781476744889
Size: 18.30 MB
Format: PDF
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From the rising-star designer and author of the hit blog, Elements of Style, a full-color, fully illustrated book packed with honest advice, inspiration, ideas, and lessons learned about designing a home that reflects your personality and style. Elements of Style is a uniquely personal and practical decorating guide that shows how designing a home can be an outlet of personal expression and an exercise in self-discovery. Drawing on her ten years of experience in the interior design industry, Erin combines honest design advice and gorgeous professional photographs and illustrations with personal essays about the lessons she has learned while designing her own home and her own life—the first being: none of our homes or lives is perfect. Like a funny best friend, she reveals the disasters she confronted in her own kitchen renovation, her struggles with anorexia, her epic fight with her husband over a Lucite table, and her secrets for starting a successful blog. Organized by rooms in the house, Elements of Style invites readers into Erin’s own home as well as homes she has designed for clients. Fresh, modern, and colorful, it is brimming glamour and style as well as advice on practical matters from choosing kitchen counter materials to dressing a bed with pillows, picking a sofa, and decorating a nursery without cartoon characters. You’ll also find a charming foreword by Erin’s husband, Andrew, and an extensive Resource and Shopping Guide that provides an indispensable a roadmap for anyone embarking on their first serious home decorating adventure. With Erin’s help, you can finally make your house your home.

Elements Of Style Classic Edition 2017

Author: William Strunk Jr.
Publisher: Spectrum Ink
ISBN: 9781988236490
Size: 15.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This new and updated (2017) Classic Edition contains the original version of “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk Jr. as well as new content including editor’s notes flagging grammar rules now considered out-of-date, and a study guide. Generations of writers and college students have learned the basics of grammar from this short book. It was rated “one of the 100 most influential books written in English” by Time in 2011, and iconic author Stephen King recommended it as a grammar handbook that all aspiring writers should read. Strunk’s grammar classic, written a century ago, is a nostalgic link to the Art Deco era and the Roaring Twenties. Many of the grammar rules listed in the book are still relevant today; but, one by one, these rules are becoming obsolete. This Classic Edition commemorates the 100-year anniversary of Prof. Strunk’s book and presents his original version, but this new version offers these bonus features for present-day readers: 1. Editor’s Notes throughout the book alert readers to obsolete grammar rules and offer up-to-date advice on modern writing practices. 2. Grammar examples are illustrated with “right” and “wrong” icons, allowing readers to easily tell correct examples from errors at a glance. 3. A Study Guide has been added at the back of the book. 4. The paperback version provides blank, lined pages at the back of the book for convenient note taking. 5. The e-book version has been restyled for improved display on the latest e-book readers; and the paperback edition has been restyled and reformatted for a more modern, appealing look. If you are looking for a quick refresher to improve your grammar and style, or if you are taking a college course and “Elements of Style” is on your required reading list, this Classic Edition will give you the best of both worlds: a version that remains true to Strunk’s original book, plus modern touches which make this grammar book truly useful and up-to-date. Thank you for purchasing “Elements of Style: Classic Edition” and enjoy your read!

The Elements Of Style

Author: Jr. Strunk
Publisher: Oxford City Press
ISBN: 178139363X
Size: 19.46 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This is a famous little book - invaluable for writers and one of the most influential books written since 1923, according to the Times. In The Elements of Style, William Strunk concentrated on specific questions of word usage and the cultivation of good writing. He recommends that one should "Make every word tell"