The Federalist Papers

Author: Alexander Hamilton
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780300161045
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This authoritative edition of the complete texts of the Federalist Papers, the Articles of Confederation, the U.S. Constitution, and the Amendments to the U.S. Constitution features supporting essays in which leading scholars provide historical context and analysis. An introduction by Ian Shapiro offers an overview of the publication of the Federalist Papers and their importance. In three additional essays, John Dunn explores the composition of the Federalist Papers and the conflicting agendas of its authors; Eileen Hunt Botting explains how early advocates of women's rights, most prominently Mercy Otis Warren, Judith Sargent Murray, and Charles Brockden Brown, responded to the Federalist-Antifederalist debates; and Donald Horowitz discusses the Federalist Papers from the perspective of recent experiments with democracy and constitution-making around the world. These essays both illuminate the original texts and encourage active engagement with them.

Die Erfindung Demokratischer Repr Sentation In Den Federalist Papers

Author: Beatrice Brunhöber
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 3161502752
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English summary: The Federalist Papers are not only the intellectual underpinning of the US constitution but also its most important commentary. In it, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay combine democracy and representation, two concepts which had previously been regarded as mutually exclusive. Their ideas first made it possible to achieve democracy not only on a small scale but in a large continental state with a diverse population. Beatrice Brunhober however not only introduces the Federalist Papers into the academic discussion, a work on par with European classics of constitutional theory but for the most part overlooked in Germany, she analyzes the Federalist Papers and demonstrates how political decision-making by means of democratic representation are even possible in a pluralistic society. She furthermore establishes the foundations for an understanding of representation that neither requires the existence of a preceding entity, such as an ethnic people, nor is aimed at the incarnation of a specific concept, such as a presumed public benefit, and thus paves the way for the idea of democratic representation beyond the nation state. German description: Die Federalist Papers sind nicht nur das Credo der US-amerikanischen Verfassung, sondern auch ihr wichtigster Kommentar. In ihnen verknupften Alexander Hamilton, James Madison und John Jay die bis dahin als Gegensatze geltenden Ideen von Demokratie und Reprasentation. Damit wurde es moglich, Demokratie nicht nur im Kleinstaat, sondern auch in einem ausgedehnten Flachenstaat mit einer vielfaltigen Bevolkerung zu verwirklichen. Die Untersuchung von Beatrice Brunhober geht uber die Rezeption dieses Werkes, das den europaischen Klassikern der Verfassungstheorie ebenburtig ist, hinaus. So zeigt die Autorin in ihrer fundierten Analyse der Federalist Papers auf, wie demokratische Reprasentation einheitliche politische Entscheidungen in einer pluralistischen Gesellschaft uberhaupt erst ermoglicht. Sie ebnet mit ihren Grundlagenuberlegungen zudem den Weg fur eine Idee demokratischer Reprasentation jenseits des Nationalstaates.

The Federalist Papers

Author: James Madison
Publisher: Nmd Books
ISBN: 0970677383
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The Federalist Papers: America's Greatest Living Documentsby James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John JayWith Bonus Features: The Declaration of Independence The Articles of Confederation The Constitution of the United States of America The complete final versions of America's most importantGreatest Living Documents are now presented in this one handy desk reference. Ideal for study, classroom use, research, and inspirationalreading, the original documents are featured here free of comment, opinion or editorial and presented exactly as our founding fathers intended. A wonderful resource - finally someone has put these into a convenient, easy to read format. - The Congressional Review Excellent, and cogent, a reminder as to how far we've drifted from the framer's original intention - Dennis J. Kucinich - CongressmanWhether I'm using it from Kindle or in my office, this reference is a Godsend. - William Jefferson Clinton, Former President of the United States

The Federalist Papers Revisited

Author: J. Jackson Owensby
Publisher: a-argus books
ISBN: 9780984514298
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Over time the average American has forgotten, if he ever knew, much of the U.S. Constitution, how it came to be and what it holds for all Americans. Owensby takes us back to those years when the founders of our nation and the framers of the Constitution put the wellbeing of the citizen above politics and brought America to greatness. Now, that is threatened and a look back may well be of service.

The Continuation Of The Federalist Papers

Author: Ronald Bibace
Publisher: Publish Green
ISBN: 9780984396030
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The Federalist Papers,(#s 1-85), written by Madison, Hamilton and Jay in 1787 are regarded as the third most important historical documents in the United States, after the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. The Federalist Papers were written in order to explain the need for, as well as to persuade the citizens of the State of New York to support the ratification of the US Constitution. At the time the power and influence of the members of the legal profession and their ability to unconstitutionally control all government as a same hands faction was neither anticipated nor therefore specifically addressed in the US Constitution. It is now an unfortunate fact. These new Federalist Papers were written as a continuation of the original Papers in order to alert the Nation to the illegal actions of the legal profession in unconstitutionally taking over all government and thus undermining the basic implied doctrine of the separation of powers of the US Constitution. Lawyers have successfully taken over 100% of the Judiciary branch of government, and partly as a result, have also successfully become a plurality or a majority of both the House and the Senate. Moreover, a plurality or majority of lawyers have been Presidents of the United States and thereby often also controlled the Executive Branch as well. The result has been effective control of all government by what James Madison called a 'same hands faction' that he described as any group that had a particular interest opposed to the general interest of all. Every Trade Union, Professional and Trade group, as well as any group whose particular interests in the advancements of its members is opposed to the general interest of all constitutes such a group. The members of the legal profession constitute the only single group that can control all government because they and they alone are in a position to control the Judiciary, one of the three branches of government. They have done so, in defiance and direct violation of their oaths of office as officers of the Court and their obligaiton to uphold the US Constitution. The result is that they have transformed what on paper is the best legal system in the world,to arguably one of the worst. A system in which the oxymoronic concept of 'amoral ethics' has replaced the concept of integrity. A system in which frivolous lawsuits make a mockery of justice. A system in which national health care is subjected to the enormous unnecessary cost and budget breaking impact of defensive medecine practiced by health care givers in fear for their financial survival as a result of a lawsuit, even if they do nothing wrong. Who therefore are forced to expend otherwise unnecessary enormous sums of public and private money in 'protective' testing of patients, made necessary to create as complete a potential defense as possible in a frivolous lawsuit. Howard Dean, a top Democrat, when asked "Why won't Congress address tort reform, as part of the new 2010 Health Care Plan?", responded "Because the trial lawyers won't let us" Unless and until the unconstitutional power of the legal profession is broken this Nation will continue to suffer in every area of its national life, even if the people of this land have not yet understood that. These new Federalist Papers were written to provide the legal basis for restoring constitutional government and the breaking of the monopolistic, illegal control by lawyers of all government.

The Essential Federalist

Author: Alexander Hamilton
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0945612613
Size: 12.14 MB
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Presents selections from the "Federalist" papers along with essays and annotations of its most important passages.