Breaking Hearts And Traffic Lights

Author: Patrick Chapman
Publisher: Salmon Publishing
ISBN: 9781903392645
Size: 15.21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Intimate and daring, the poems in Patrick Chapman's remarkable third collection explore with often searing clarity the naked spaces of love, sex, and death. Startling, original, sometimes quietly devastating, this is the finest work to date from a writer hailed as 'one of the very best modern Irish poets.'

Crosstown Traffic

Author: Charles Shaar Murray
ISBN: 0571227228
Size: 11.38 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Winner of the Ralph Gleason Music Book Award on publication, Crosstown Traffic was immediately hailed as the ultimate book on Hendrix and his extraordinary musical legacy. Charles Shaar Murray's awesome examination of Hendrix's influence on the culture has, if anything, grown in stature with the intervening years.

The Traffic In Poems

Author: Meredith L. McGill
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 9780813542300
Size: 11.15 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The transatlantic crossing of people and goods shaped nineteenth-century poetry in surprising ways that cannot be fully understood through the study of separate national literary traditions. American and British poetic cultures were bound by fascination, envy, influence, rivalry, recognition, and piracy, as well as by mutual fantasies about and competition over the Caribbean. Drawing on examples such as Felicia Hemans's elaboration of the foundational American myth of Plymouth Rock, Emma Lazarus's ambivalent welcome of Europe's cast-off populations, black abolitionist Mary Webb's European performances of Hiawatha, and American reprints of Robert Browning and George Meredith, the eleven essays in this book focus on poetic depictions of exile, slavery, immigration, and citizenship and explore the often asymmetrical traffic between British and American poetic cultures.

Devoted Hearts

Author: Hernan Penaherrera
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781499008807
Size: 17.75 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Jonathan, the middle Terzetto brother, meets Samantha and forms a deep connection with her, something he never had with his former wife. Though his older brother Peter doesn't believe in love and cautions him against it, Jonathan falls madly in love with Samantha. Their love and passion for each other deepen as they cook, bake, and explore New York, until a tragic twist of fate intervenes.

Beat The System Tips On Getting Speeding Ticket And Traffic Light Tickets Dismissed

Author: Bo Simpson
Publisher: Bull City Publishing
Size: 15.21 MB
Format: PDF
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If you are a driver on the road, you already know the trouble that one can get into when dealing with a speeding ticket. It is something that no matter how careful you think you are being, you will have to deal with at some point in your driving. This can be from you rushing to work or becoming distracted while driving. There are a number of ways that you can either avoid a ticket or if you get one fight it and get out of having to pay it. This book will show you a few of the ways that getting out of a ticket can be accomplished and the best part is most of them are 100% free. No one will argue the fact a speeding ticket will ruin a persons day and can even damage your driving record as well as increase your insurance rates. Police are getting smarter with the tricks that they use in catching a speeder, this in turn means that you as the driver need to be smarter in avoiding getting caught speeding. One trick that seems to work is that cops will often target those that are driving a fancy sports car. While it is not the standard rule, most cops will not even try and target a car that looks old and beat up. Unless you are just tearing up the road and it is obvious that you are speeding, you can generally sneak getting about five miles over the speed limit if you are driving a car that looks like it would fall apart if you tried to speed in it. This is one of the tricks that you will learn about in this book. It is not a book that will tell you how to get away with blatant speeding, but will help you in avoiding those tickets that you just barely were speeding to earn yourself. For any driver the thought of a speeding ticket is something that can stop them in their tracks. There are a number of ways that the cops are able to catch speeders and just as many ways that a person can get out of a ticket if they know the tricks. knowing the ways that radars work will help you to know how to get past them and not get caught speeding. If you are caught speeding, this report will give you the advice you need to get out of the ticket and get on with your life.