Valley Of Dreams

Author: Stanely G. Weinbaum
Publisher: eStar Books
ISBN: 9781612108315
Size: 18.46 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The sequel to “A Martian Odyssey”, Dick Jarvis and Frenchy Lerory set out to retrieve the film Jarvis took before his rocket crashed the week before, along the way Lerory and Jarvis stop at to get a closer look at the local wild life and seek out their Martian friend Tweel…

The Silicon Valley Of Dreams

Author: David N. Pellow
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 9780814768174
Size: 19.35 MB
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Next to the nuclear industry, the largest producer of contaminants in the air, land, and water is the electronics industry. Silicon Valley hosts the highest density of Superfund sites anywhere in the nation and leads the country in the number of temporary workers per capita and in workforce gender inequities. Silicon Valley offers a sobering illustration of environmental inequality and other problems that are increasingly linked to the globalization of the world's economies. In The Silicon Valley of Dreams, the authors take a hard look at the high-tech region of Silicon Valley to examine environmental racism within the context of immigrant patterns, labor markets, and the historical patterns of colonialism. One cannot understand Silicon Valley or the high-tech global economy in general, they contend, without also understanding the role people of color play in the labor force, working in the electronic industry's toxic environments. These toxic work environments produce chemical pollution that, in turn, disrupts the ecosystems of surrounding communities inhabited by people of color and immigrants. The authors trace the origins of this exploitation and provide a new understanding of the present-day struggles for occupational health and safety. The Silicon Valley of Dreams will be critical reading for students and scholars in ethnic studies, immigration, urban studies, gender studies, social movements, and the environment, as well as activists and policy-makers working to address the needs of workers, communities, and industry.

The Silicon Boys

Author: David A. Kaplan
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0688179061
Size: 19.98 MB
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In "the best book to date on the subject" (San Francisco Chronicle), prize-winning journalist David A. Kaplan brings to life the culture and history of Silicon Valley. The symbol of high-tech genius and ineffable wealth, a place that competes with Hollywood and Washington in the zeitgeist of success and excess, the Valley is the epicenter of the New Economy. Depending on yesterday's stock market close, roughly a quartermillion Siliconillionaires live in the Valley. And they're building megalo-mansions and buying Lamborghinis as fast as they can. Combining reportorial insight and biting wit, The Silicon Boys tells the unforgettable story of dreams and greed, ambition and luck, that has become the Valley of the Dollars.

Valley Of Dreams

Author: Lauraine Snelling
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 9780764204159
Size: 10.18 MB
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When Cassie Lockwood's father dies and the manager of his Wild West show drives it into debt before taking off with the remaining money, she decides to look for the hidden valley where her father dreamed of settling.

Valley Of Dreams

Author: Tibor Vajda
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595217885
Size: 10.40 MB
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Is this really going to happen? Are the two siblings, the last seeds of a family going to make peace and help to make Noto a mafia-free zone? Was the man approaching Mariella indeed Sebastiano? Who else could it be? He had a sheet of paper in his hand and held it out.Wild clatter of machine-guns tore the silence of the dawn to shreds. I saw the muzzle fire of the guns in the windows of the first floor of the Institute. The two figures standing just a metre or so apart dropped instantly, blood staining the white ground around them. "No!" I shouted. I jumped up and wanted to run towards Mariella but the lieutenant grabbed my arms and held me. "There is nothing you can do," he said, hanging on to my arm. I was deaf to his words and continued to wrestle him to get away, to get to Mariella, to no avail. He pressed me to the ground until I gave up the fight.