Voices For Equality Ordain Women And Resurgent Mormon Feminism

Author: Gary Shepherd
ISBN: 1589587588
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The inexorable movement toward gender equality in the modern world has taken root in the consciousness of many Latter-day Saints and has publicly emerged as a major concern for the LDS Church. Spearheaded by a new generation of internet-savvy feminists, equality issues in Mormonism attained high public visibility in 2013 through online profiles posted by the Ordain Women organization and its plea to Church authorities to pray about an expanded role for LDS women. The June 2014 excommunication of OW co-founder Kate Kelly generated increased international media attention. This volume is the first book to provide a comprehensive examination of these issues and is based on chapters written by both scholars and activists. Its twenty-five authors explore in detail theological debates about gender and priesthood authority, the historical and cultural context of these debates, and the current role played by lay activists seeking to stimulate change in the Church.

What Is Mormonism

Author: Howard W Hunter Chair of Mormon Studies and Associate Professor of Religion Religion Department Patrick Q Mason
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9781317638261
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What is Mormonism? A Student’s Introduction is an easy-to-read and informative overview of the religion founded by Joseph Smith in 1830. This short and lively book covers Mormonism’s history, core beliefs, rituals, and devotional practices, as well as the impact on the daily lives of its followers. The book focuses on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Salt Lake City-based church that is the largest and best-known expression of Mormonism, whilst also exploring lesser known churches that claim descent from Smith’s original revelations. Designed for undergraduate religious studies and history students, What is Mormonism? provides a reliable and easily digestible introduction to a steadily growing religion that continues to befuddle even learned observers of American religion and culture.

Mormon Feminism

Author: Joanna Brooks
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780190248055
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This groundbreaking collection gathers together for the first time the essential writings of the contemporary Mormon feminist movement--from its historic beginnings in the 1970s to its vibrant present, offering the best Mormon feminist thought and writing. No issue in Mormonism has made more headlines than the faith's distinctive approach to sex and gender. From its polygamous nineteenth-century past to its twentieth-century stand against the Equal Rights Amendment and its twenty-first-century fight against same-sex marriage, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) has consistently positioned itself on the frontlines of battles over gender-related identities, roles, and rights. But even as the church has maintained a conservative position in public debates over sex and gender, Mormon women have developed their own brand of feminism by recovering the lost histories of female leadership and exploring the empowering potential of Mormon theology. The selections in this book-many gathered from out-of-print anthologies, magazines, and other ephemera--walk the reader through the history of Mormon feminism, from the second-wave feminism of the 1970s to contemporary debates over the ordination of women. Collecting essays, speeches, poems, and prose, Mormon Feminism presents the diverse voices of Mormon women as they challenge assumptions and stereotypes, push for progress and change in the contemporary LDS Church, and band together with other feminists of faith hoping to build a better world.

War Peace In Our Time

Author: Patrick Q. Mason
Publisher: Greg Kofford Books Incorporated
ISBN: 1589580990
Size: 16.17 MB
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Book Description: These essays reveal how the scriptures, prophetic teachings, history, culture, rituals, and traditions of Mormonism have been, are, and can be used as warrants for a wide range of activities and attitudes from radical pacifism to legitimation of the United States use of preemptive force against its enemies. As a relatively young religion that for much of its early history was simply struggling for survival, Mormonism has not yet fully grappled with some of the pressing questions of war and peace, with all of the attendant theological, social, and political ramifications. Given the LDS Church s relative stability and measure of prominence and influence in the early twenty-first century, the time is ripe to examine the historical, spiritual, and cultural resources within the tradition that provide a foundation for constructive dialogue about how individual Latter-day Saints and the institutional Church orient themselves in a world of violence. While recognizing the important contributions of previous scholars who had offered analysis and reflection on the topic, these essays offer a more sustained and collaborative examination of Mormon perspectives on war and peace, drawing on both historical-social scientific research as well as more normative (theological and ethical) arguments. Praise for War & Peace In Our Time: "Whatever your current opinion on the topic, this book will challenge you to reflect more deeply and thoroughly on what it means to be a disciple of Christ, the Prince of Peace, in an era of massive military budgets, lethal technologies, and widespread war." -Grant Hardy, author, Understanding the Book of Mormon: A Reader s Guide "This volume provides a fitting springboard for robust and lively debates within the Mormon scholarly and lay community on how to think about the pressing issues of war and peace." -Robert S. Wood, Dean Emeritus, Center for Naval Warfare Studies, and Chester W. Nimitz Chair Emeritus, U.S. Naval War College "This collection of differing views by thoughtful scholars comprises a debate. Reading it may save us in the future from enacting more harm than good in the name of God, country, or presumption." -Philip Barlow, author, Mormons and the Bible: The Place of the Latter-day Saints in American Religion I consider this book an absolutely essential resource for any latter-day Saint seeking to understand God s will regarding war. . . . [Y]ou really ought to buy this book! Alan Rock Waterman, Pure Mormonism Contributors: Patrick Q. Mason J. David Pulsipher Richard L. Bushman Joshua Madson Morgan Deane Robert A. Rees F.R. Rick Duran Mark Ashburst-McGee Jennifer Lindell Ethan Yorgason Jesse Samantha Fulcher Robert H. Hellebrand D. Michael Quinn Boyd Jay Petersen Loyd Ericson Eric A. Eliason Gordon Conrad Thomasson Ron Madson Mark Henshaw Valerie M. Hudson Eric Jensen Kerry M. Kartchner John Mark Mattox

Lucy S Book

Author: Lucy Smith
ISBN: STANFORD:36105110176398
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In 1844, mourning the deaths of five children and the murders of two more, the widowed Lucy Mack Smith dictated a life story filled with tragedy but supported by a strong conviction of God's providence. She was, at the time, nearly seventy years old. This current, definitive edition provides the full rough draft of Lucy's history for the first time. For comparison, the text of the first published version is included side by side, with all variants from the six later editions in footnotes.

The Garden Of Enid

Author: Scott Hales
ISBN: 1589585623
Size: 20.13 MB
Format: PDF
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This edition of The Garden of Enid: Adventures of a Weird Mormon Girl recasts the award-winning webcomic as a two-part graphic novel. With revised and previously unpublished comics, it features the familiar story that captivated thousands online, yet offers new glimpses into Enid's year-long odyssey.