The Stark Law

Author: Ramy Fayed
Publisher: HC Pro, Inc.
ISBN: 9781601461780
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Stark Law, Second Edition: A User's Guide to Achieving Compliance Penalties for violations can include $15,000 per claim--and you can be fined for even unintentional violations. Further consequences involve potential exclusion from participation in Medicare, Medicaid, and other federal health care programs.It's tough to simplify a complex rule. Here's help. You will be well equipped to protect your organization from the severe consequences of Stark Law violations with the practical analytical tools and explanations provided in "Stark Law: A User's Guide to Achieving Compliance, Second Edition. " This updated version of HCPro's Stark Law best seller, first published in 2005--and now co-authored by former CMS Stark Law regulator, Lisa Ohrin--helps health care providers, practitioners, suppliers, and other affected members of the health care industry understand the many recent changes in the Stark Law. It explains each provision of the rule and its practical effect for compliance professionals.There are no compliance shortcuts Since issuing its long-awaited Stark II, Phase III Regulations, CMS proposed and finalized a host of additional regulations, notices, and clarifications, including a major final rulemaking in August 2008. The number and speed of these changes add yet another layer to the already complex web of rules and regulations governing Stark Law compliance. Your copy of "Stark Law: A User's Guide to Achieving Compliance, Second Edition, " delivers: A thorough explanation of how the 2007 and 2008 regulations impact the Law as a whole, as well as your organization Access to a comprehensive outline of the entire Law in one location, from the initial proposed regulations through the most recent updates Scores of easy-to-understand case studies, which illustrate the application of the Law A searchable CD-ROM to help you find specific citations Take a look at the Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Background and Analytical Framework Chapter 2: Definitions Chapter 3: Designated Health Services Chapter 4: Referrals Chapter 5: Financial Relationships Chapter 6: All-Purpose Exceptions Chapter 7: Ownership Interest Exceptions Chapter 8: Direct Compensation Exception Chapter 9: Indirect Compensation Arrangements Exception Chapter 10: Exceptions for Physician Recruitment and Retention Payments in Underserved Areas Chapter 11: Period of Disallowance, Temporary Noncompliance, and Technical Noncompliance Chapter 12: Sanctions, Collateral Consequences, and Reporting Requirements Chapter 13: Advisory Opinions With such high stakes, your organization needs "Stark Law: A User's Guide to Achieving Compliance, Second Edition, " to remain on top of the recent amendments to the Law.

What Is Stark Law

Author: Donald H. Romano
Publisher: Amer Bar Assn
ISBN: 1627224416
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Learn how to analyze and advise on Stark Law issues. The Physician Self-Referral Law, commonly known as the "Stark Law", prohibits a physician from referring Medicare patients for certain services defined as designated health services ("DHS"), to an entity with which the physician or an immediate family member of the physician has a direct or indirect "financial relationship." What is Stark Law? presents a general overview and discussion of the Stark Law.

The Stark Law Explained

Author: Daniel Melvin
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
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The riddles of the Stark Law have become increasingly difficult to solve. Thousands of pages of agency discussion and interpretation, judicial decisions, government and defense briefs, and commentary have tried to decode those riddles. The product of years of research and hands-on legal practice, this book provides a comprehensive and in-depth Stark Law resource that will give readers working in or with the health care industry the keys to decode this riddle, including: executives administrators attorneys compliance professionals clinicians accountants valuators business consultants regulators The main body of the book avoids "legalese" to explain the law in plain English. A Glossary of Acronyms is also included for readers new to the area. Much more than a primer, however, the book also provides detailed discussion and analysis for the reader looking for a more nuanced and comprehensive treatment. This book is both a teaching tool and reference guide to one of the most important, and complicated, statutes in the current environment of increased government scrutiny of health care regulatory compliance.

Ahla Stark Final Regulations Non Members

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This completely updated, revised, and expanded new edition of The Stark Law: Comprehensive Analysis + Practical Guide addresses the legal effect of final Stark regulations, which completes the formal rule-making process. Written by Charles B. Oppenheim, a leading expert in the interpretation and application of Stark law, this publication provides practical guidance for advising clients on complying with the current iteration of the regulations, as well as a look at what future direction the Stark regimen might take.HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE:A discussion of key themes that emerge in the regulations, including the tempering of the previous trend of broadening exceptions for compensation arrangementsIdentification of important definitions and interpretive changes, discussion of remaining problem areas, and guidance for navigating each of themAnalysis of group practices and the exceptions applicable to them, as well as the recent guidance from CMS concerning the period of disallowance for referrals and claims, and analysis addressing the final ruleImpact on the physician practice world including issues relating to physician recruitment, specialty hospitals, gain-sharing arrangements, and Stark-compliant physician joint ventures

Physician Recruitment And Employment A Complete Reference Guide

Author: Eugene E. Olson
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN: 0763738670
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This book serves as an excellent resource for Physician Recruitment offices within hospitals, medical groups, and health systems. The Second Edition has been updated to cover the revisions made to the Starke self-referral guidelines. The CD-ROM accompanying the book offers many forms, letters, and legal documents featured throughout the text.

Building And Managing Effective Physician Organizations Under Capitation

Author: Douglas E. Goldstein
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN: 0834208091
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This resource offers you a unique Building Block system, a proven-effective tool used by organizations to survive and prosper in an era of different reimbursement schemes, from discounted fee-for-service and primary care capitation, to global capitation and percent of premium payment.