Won By Love

Author: Thomas Nelson
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781418561796
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In Roe v. Wade, perhaps the most controversial United States Supreme Court decision, Norma McCorvey fought for and won the right to secure an abortion. Though she never had an abortion, under the pseudonym "Jane Roe," Norma reluctantly became the poster child for the pro-choice movement. Over the next two decades, Norma experienced the grief and despair of millions of women who chose to abort their babies; she witnessed the destruction of thousands of human lives in abortion clinics where she worked; and the "champion" of the pro-choice movement was soon being crushed by the weight of so much pain, so much death, and so many ill-considered "choices." Finally, she began to break. She found out that the real choice she had been burdened with was not about abortion but about eternal life. It was a choice that would shock the world and change Norma's life forever.

Guilt Won Love

Author: John Milton
ISBN: 1623141060
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John Milton's agonizing account of man's fall from grace and expulsion from Eden in his classic Paradise Lost

Love Won Love Lost Love Longed For

Author: Verna Buchanan
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 9781496953933
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Love Won, Love Lost, Love Longed For Love is a roll of the dice. Nobody knows which of us will roll it right. Love is sometimes draw, loose or win. No matter what the odds are we gamble for love again and again. Love is a chance we take, hoping this time it won't end in heartbreak. Oh, but when we find Love, it makes our search worthwhile. For Love, true Love, I would walk a million miles. Love is a roll of the dice. Nobody knows which of us will roll it right. WWW.YOUNEEDWORDS.COM

God S Love Of Love Songs

Author: Donnie Ralph Rieser Jr.
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 145357493X
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New classic religious rock. Songs that had never been sung. Original work that had never been heard before. The songs will go with all types of religions and denominational churches.

Shakespeare Unbound

Author: René Weis
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
ISBN: 9781466855090
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At last—a key that unlocks the secrets of Shakespeare's life Intimacies with Southampton and Marlowe, entanglements in London with the elusive dark lady, the probable fathering of an illegitimate son—these are among the mysteries of Shakespeare's rich and turbulent life that have proven tantalizingly obscure. Despite an avalanche of recent scholarship, René Weis, an acknowledged authority on the Elizabethan period, believes the links between the bard's life and the poems and plays have been largely ignored. Armed with a wealth of new archival research and his own highly regarded interpretations of the literature, the author finds provocative parallels between Shakespeare's early experiences in the bustling market town of Stratford—including a dangerous poaching incident and contacts with underground Catholics—and the plays. Breaking with tradition, Weis reveals that it is the plays and poems themselves that contain the richest seam of clues about the details of Shakespeare's personal life, at home in Stratford and in the shadowy precincts of theatrical London—details of a code unbroken for four hundred years.